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start-up fundraising

We give start-ups a private interactive landing page that ties you into the VC ecosystem and increases your chances of finding investment.

How it works?

1. Create a free Start-Up  profile

Sign up below to create your free start-up profile. Improve your chance of engagement by adding a 60-second pitch video (this is so important though!, with optional FAQ videos (coming soon).

3. Improve investor engagement

VCs and Angels are more likely to engage after viewing your iReport profile. They've watched your pitch and seen a clear summary of your project. If they are interested, they will use our integrated chat function to engage and - hopefully, schedule a call!

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2. Share your private URL with Angels and VCs

Take your private Page URL and send that to Angels & VCs by email, DM or LinkedIn messages.   In the near future, we will be building closer integrations with Seed-focused VCs to streamline your exposure.

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What do we offer?

Profile page for investors

Your iReport profile is you a defacto starting point for Fund Raising - Think of it as your LinkedIn® profile, but for your Start-Up! 



Present key data points that help VCs & Angels to make a quick "Yeah" or "Neh" decision. 



Once in our database, your profile is made available to our VC and Angel Investor partners. Your Start-Up profile is a precursor for entry into our virtual demo days (Q3 launch!)


We are building 
iReport.exchange,which will be a platform for start-ups and VCs to raise capital and seek liquidity for private assets. All iReport profiles are eligible to participate.

About Us

iReport is setting out to change the way Venture Capital funding is allocated. We are building what is akin to an open platform to help Startups streamline their fundraising process while providing a common Investor relations stack that unifies the allocators of capital to the start-ups that receive that funding. 

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